Thursday, May 14, 2015

Cheer Tryouts

Honestly, my first reaction walking towards cheer tryouts was,
"Oh my gosh, that is the largest amount of bows and hot pink I have seen in my whole life.".  
Yes, that was my first impression.  My second impression was all the warming smiles I got.  Some lined with braces, others white and straight as ever.  So here is my cheerleading background: 3 months of gymnastics when I was eight.  I can't do a backflip or front walkover, but I'll look on the positive side instead.  I can do a beautiful cartwheel and a passing round-off.  My jumps are high thanks to my Track & Field experience with the High Jump.  I have a cheerful attitude and it doesn't take much to put a wide smile on my face.  
So I said to myself,  "Go for it!'.

First we did warm ups; sprints, grapevines, and kicks.  Coach lectured us on how to stay safe both for yourself and others.  Next, we stretched...a lot!  Once everyone was stretched and ready to go, all the girls rolled out thick blue mats.  In 15 seconds everyone was in perfect lines to begin learning our tryout dance.  At first I didn't pick-up any of it, but persevered till by the end of the day I had mastered it.  That was the end of the first day.

The second and third day both started out the same as the first day of tryouts; warm-ups, lecture, stretches, dance.  All the same except on the third day I got to be apart of a promposal!  All the cheerleaders were squealing and cooing about how cute this will be.  As if on command everyone came to a hush when they saw the girl coming out from the gym onto the field where we were hiding Brett, who was asking Lanie to prom. 
"P-R-O-M!", we all shout! 
Brett came out of his hiding spot holding a bouquet of pink and white roses and a big question mark.  Lanie said yes and all of the girls cheered while rushing out of the way to avoid getting in Brett and Lanie's photo shoot.  

 Now came the pressure, 1 more hour till I'm going in front of the panel of judges for my final tryout session.  I keep clenching and unclenching my hands imagining all the situations that could happen.  I get in the car and through the whole ride to the high school home of the tigers I am practicing all my counts and cheers.  I pull up in front of the school seeing no more smiling faces, but nervous and slightly encouraging expressions.  I see my best friend and light up when she gives me a big smile even though shes freaking out herself.  While she and I are waiting we talk about everything besides tryouts trying to get it out of our minds.  It worked for better or for worse.  

Now, I'm up... I set a huge smile on my face and step in front of the 8 judges with no expression.  All I can remember is stepping out of the gym, and started to hysterically crack up.  Tryouts were over, I couldn't do anything else to prove myself that I would be a great asset to the team.  All I had to do is wait till tomorrow morning.

"BEEP BEEP BEEP!', goes my alarm.  My eyes shoot open almost as quickly as I smack my alarm buzzer quiet.  
"Tryouts are being posted today," I thought, "tryouts..."

When I arrive at school I see a big group of girls staring at their phones.  Some are jumping while others are looking cluelessly at their screens.  I rush over to them and pick-up an abandoned phone.  I made it!