Thursday, March 19, 2015

As a Little Girl

As a little girl I explored the great big ocean.

Living on the water’s edge, with the wind in my hair,

Collecting sea glass and diving under the waves.

Nothing was too big for me.

As a little girl I ran like the wind.

I cut through the air like a blade through water,

Across fields and rolling hills.

Nothing could stop me.

As a little girl I climbed trees.

Curious about the different shapes and sizes,

Peeking out from the thick camouflage.

Nothing could reach me.

As a little girl I traveled my country’s land.

Imagining carving Teddy’s glasses into the granite of South Dakota,

Seeing the Copper Lady and giving her a hug.

Nothing to dull for me.

As a little girl I biked with my daddy.

Petaling fast to keep up like a monkey could climb a tree,

Cherishing those moments with him through beautiful trails.

Nothing can stop our love.

As a little girl I woke up early.

Waving to the garbage truck and mailman,

In awe of the vibrant colors of the sunrise.

Nothing was too early for me.

As a little girl I sung duets with my mom.

Her at the piano and me at her side,

Our voices blending in perfect unison.

Nothing was too intricate for me.

As a little girl I grew.

Now as a big girl I look after my little


Teaching her, protecting her, loving her.

Hannah, nothing could stop me from having your back.

I love you.

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