Friday, January 23, 2015

Girls Basketball

At my school the Girl's Basketball Season is now.  The eighth grade Girls Basketball team are hard at work preparing for their games and tournaments.  
Starting two weeks four out of thirteen girls have been injured on the team. A prized player sprained her ankle before a game and was on crutches for a week.  Next, another girl double sprained her ankle in a soccer game and is currently still on crutches.  Thirdly, one of the members got a minor concussion and had to sit out a couple games.  Next, yet another girl got hurt by getting a Charlie Horse and is on crutches as well.  The girls are more cautious than ever before now because if one of them gets hurt it affects the rest of the team.  
Will more team members get injured? Will the Team continue to win their games with injured players?  The Girls are proving that they can still win without some of their players sitting out games.  Their last game they won 24-23.  In my opinion these tough, persistent and competitive girls can still bring it, even if their are only nine healthy players left.

By Emma

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